Real Estate For Real Life

The purchase of a new home or land can change your life and should be given the time and respect that any long term commitment deserves. One of the biggest deciding factors in what or where you end up is your real estate agent. And they should be YOUR real estate agent; this is a relationship that while it is short can have lasting effects, so you need to choose carefully.

Decide what qualities are important to you, communication, standing in the community, professionalism, promptness, and work history are all important factors. But only you know what you are expecting and it is your job to find that. Friends who have been through the process can be helpful in recommending a professional that they have used but an agency can also be found online like with ratings and personal bios of available agents. Do not be afraid to ask questions or interview a number of agents before choosing who is right for you.

You may want to find someone who is familiar with the kind of property you are looking for whether that means farm land or big city condo. This could mean that they have lived or worked selling other pieces of real estate in the desired area; these are things that you should ask about up front.

Remember that an agent doesn’t necessarily need to know all the answers if they are willing to find the answers you need and get back to you in a reasonable time frame, this is them working for you. An agent who is busy may seem like a poor choice when you want immediate attention, but it is also a sign that they are good at their job and in demand. Agents like this often know how and when to delegate to their teams and when personal attention is needed.

Believe it or not there are specialty features and specific needs that you are looking for. Things like pets that need a yard, a desire for privacy, or a place for your over sized BBQ grill are all relevant. If these things are especially hard to find you may want to make a list and have it ready when you meet with potential candidates. This person will be working for you and with you, what is important to you should become
important to them so find someone who you feel you can trust.